A response team in the control room, an in-person meeting, and face-to-face teaching at school with an air purifier that is barely noticeable while you’re working?

The new Soluva Air F UV air purifier is simple, serene and strong

A response team in the control room, an in-person meeting, and face-to-face teaching at school with an air purifier that is barely noticeable while you’re working? This is exactly why Heraeus Noblelight developed Soluva Air F, a further advancement of their proven UV air purifiers. Thanks to the use of new materials and an intelligent airflow system, the new units are very light and compact, offer great performance and still operate very quietly.

Based on customer feedback, experience from their own test centers and study results, the UV light experts at Heraeus Noblelight advanced the design to create the Soluva® Air F. Designed for continuous operation, this UV air purifier is exceptionally quiet so it is barely noticeable in daily use. In contrast to comparable air cleaning devices, Soluva Air F works completely without chemicals, produces no ozone or other by-products, and operates without filters, eliminating the need for expensive regular filter changes.
The Soluva® Air F uses UVC light to reliably and almost silently cleanse indoor air of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. With its high air flow rate, it provides fast and reliable protection – with a tested virus reduction of 99.99%.
The portable and lightweight device rotates in all directions and is easy to mount on the wall, or place anywhere in the room with the mobile stand.

Heraeus Noblelight is offering Soluva Air F, a newly developed UV light air purifier, beginning in February. Intensively tested beforehand, it is particularly suitable for operations centers and control rooms – and also in kindergartens and schools, cafes and restaurants, doctors‘ office waiting rooms, nursing homes, offices and retail stores.

UV disinfection is effective against viruses and their mutants
UV disinfection works by inactivating the genetic information, which works for the original viruses as well as with newly emerging mutations. UV disinfection also destroys flu viruses, cold viruses and other dangerous germs. Due to the special mode of action of UV disinfection, these viruses cannot develop any resistance.

You can find more information about air purification with UV light at www.Soluva.com

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